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Ketamine Cretin (Independent 2017)

   Purulence UK is not safe for you to listening on because it is not just how the band extremely threatening the visuals by torturing, kicking and killing the bugged eyes aliens who came to our atmosphere for abducting people or your family or girlfriend or cheating wife away for experiments but they wanted to make an exchange for the loss by giving us technologies and future desires at the designs but poor humans – especially, young thugs didn’t realized it and started to fight back with their silly outfits of black people wannabe cultures and fury – battling the smart beings for another world displays there for Interplanetary Annihilation and Sludge-Wave on absolute hatred being selected to be the band unit of Grindcore/Death Metal worst ever torturing side-effects via Dan (vocals), Phil (guitar, backing vocals), Dave (bass) and Computer (drums) with the fucking thanks biggest on artwork artists Alexander Eastman of Consume in the making of completed global threats envision offerings on Anatomically Reversed, An Ode to The Slug People or Torn to Ribbons and Shot Into The Atmosphere before the rest left survivals being then – Selected Subjected and Rejected as a non-colony but state enemies of the supernatural beings from up there invading us permanently and officially – no more earthlings did exists after the big alien-nation cleansing caused by those boys who started the war. 

Interplanetary Annihilation: