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Karate Frog (Not On Label 2016)

   All right reserved for everyone to listening for this strange oddities project of Garage Punk-Pop sounds with Rock n’ Roll background formed and creates by Dr. Leslie Van Hellsberg – a former resident of the underworld but doing his time for couple decades and being released since to make more mess over the planet which caught interests from kids and adults in this chaotic musical album record – BreakFast as the clocks ringing crazy, beer bottle fell and broken room situation makes the finest morning coffee taste like shit similar to thus slutty whore models of your porn magazines and stopping for cigarettes after making another ugly tattoos and having sex without the safety rubber makes things in life feels more free exactly like most people wanted to be nowadays. 
   Let the punkish anthems of anti-hero and dark future of tomorrow roaring via Believer, D-1 Digits, Smallest Fish, Against The World or Skank Funk for this short-age timing recording release just like your invalid regrets as sharing the exported songs to the globe likes Irony, The Rapist and Freakshow. 

Athens, Greece team-up Punk don't wanna grow up but becomes always Punks !