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Johnny & Mary (Naked Hollywood Records 2014)

The great Rock n’ Roll and Power-Pop Punk swindling may stealing your attentions out while making a non-notable like accidental date for meeting Sugar Louise that actually, scamming your imaginations because the thing definitely aren’t a female but boys in snotty no-good looking crew from Trondheim – Norway named Sugar Louise comprising of Billy Mvbarbie, CoolCat Casey, Eddie D’Lizard and Twiggy Royal releasing more catchy sounds of rocking music via the second album – Friends In Love Places means something courageous and rampage pinches for silly romance and love story from the road like The Ramones trends coming back to the popular modern world style as Punk Rock will never ever die as the examples of how the group manage to wrote down great tunes and still going to let harsh words or anti-establishment thoughts inked well to the tracks through sing-along street-choirs and standard mid-tempo sounds over HBO, The New Guy, On The Radio, My NYC, Kickflip Rock N’ Roll to 1994 or Eastside Crew.

Looks like they’re planning back to invades the CBGB’s for the punker supporters with brains licking-up the favorite dusty spot for concerts within this fascinating catchy album.

Friends In Love Places: