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Jefferies Found (Warner Bros. 2004)

   Lankester Merrin decided to leave his priesthood life behind as for now he’s focusing himself to do some archeologist works where fate sending him to the infinite evil-dwelling sites where a hundred years Byzantium church with no records unearthed discovers by the group of excavation funded by both Vatican and The British Empire in the middle of nowhere – Turkana region’s Derati valley. The nightmare continues to him as thus images from his past mission during the WWII in occupied village in Netherlands where the SS troops shooting all of his churchgoers and many more just for making him mad or surrender more names and the local family, the indigenous tribesmen, the british soldiers and a charming female doctor named Sarah also having a similar non-explainable sightings, to the hyena attacks on little boy, the possessed kid named James onto the fear-spreading and phobia onwards out and inside the old church which looking a brand new with large statues of arch-angels hiding the truth bigger threat of where Lucifer was fell the first place there as the movie showing The Exorcist: The Beginning within thus terrified last living priest witnessing all his led troopers of a thousand being killed and killing each other through the valley as bloodiest as far your eyes can see thus upside-down crucifixion of dead bodies before a collector asking Merrin to go to East Africa or after he meet the lunatic Bession carving swastika on his chest before doing suicide. The fate that’s going to be happening again as Father Merrin found his courage and faith again while Father Francis getting killed by the possessed Sarah inside the cursed place and kidnapping James. 

   The eternal fight between good and evil as history repeats and the soundtrack scoring by Trevor Rabin leans the audience to understanding the story completely as Travel to Dig Site, I’m an Archeologist, Man Collapse at Site, Cild Birth, Sarah’s in The Dark or African Exorcism giving us the prequel to the infamous horror trilogy, started here - right on this first moment of horror thrill story that opens all possibilities about evil possession.