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IV 06:30 I (Sepulchral Voice 2014)

   Entering the league of ordinary extra metallic extreme of the lyrics written based on darkness, damnation, death, occultism and anti-christianity as these Berlin, Germany crew named Necros Christos taking you down to the chamber of the dead-resting place to resurrects back to the land of the living as high priest cult ceremonies did awaken the long gone souls and ghostly spirits to returning and pay their revenge on others whom deserved that like a tombstone karma comes back in fucking three within the Death/Black Metal alliance music like how the version of Mesopotamian/Assyrian/Arabic version of Death and Chuck Schuldiner make the return and ate your guts is the prospect of dark and evil purposes from The Reverend N (lead guitars, rhythm guitars), Ivan Hernandez (drums), Peter Habura (bass guitar) and Mors Dalos Ra (rhythm guitars, lead guitars, vocals, keyboards and tanpura) giving the Nine Graves a infinite commanding force to delivers as many as Necros Christos curses back to the living sinful and religious ones trusting to their envy feelings being chosen by god but fail to complete the last breath as the devil torturing you up for good via Baptized By The Black Urine of The Deceased, Va Koram Do Rex Satan or Black Bone Crucifix along thus instrumentals alike Gate: Solh and Temple II. Let the torch be in flames while the underground crawling to dragging more of the disbeliefs living down there. 

Nine Graves: