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Innocence Always (Bandcamp 2018)

   Londoners/UK black sheep groovy Grunge and Seattle sounds within the ryhmic rappin’ of futile Hip-Hop influences as black kids ready to rocking your stereo with their works result here performing by Yinka Oyewole (vocals, guitars), Debbie Dee (bass, vocals) and Adriano Siani (drums) releasing the record entitled Misfit Music off themselves calling as Sabatta – the trio measuring how that rhythms digging your souls as well as making you dancing crazy for the creativity mend the public awareness and suspicious minds on pointing for minority reports to the criminal laws victims over the colored musician kids on the streets trying to supporting the protests upon the british society on daily basic needs and demands.

   Go listening for the disgusting as disturbing as freaky party planned good psychedelic modern of rock format here through Feel It Too, Prized Possession, Wicked Right Now and Rock Star Shit – must be a new rethinking theory proved to be stronger by practice and Sabatta wins this before any national front melts by the Scream of Consciousness !

Misfit Music: