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Infernal Temple (Iron Bonehead Productions 2018)

   With G on guitar/vocals, O the guitarist, A as bass player and T for the drumming; means that something with the cover art by Mark Riddick did suspected a horrendous effects following the devastation after an intro for Goatkraft’s Angel Slaughter EP as these Bergen, Norway unit of Black Metal Classic wrote down the lyrics connected to hatred, destruction of death and the fusion on Death/Black metallic connectivity as being raw brutal crushing you for the fucking bastard songs available here on the double sided recording project. 
   Vomiting the entire monotonous drumming blasts and riff guitars like the hell fusion of total explosive orchestra to the demonic ears to bare and loved as this examples like metal-war tributes to the abyss attacking the paradise and creatures of the darkness with female boobies showing and the crusher stairs of heaven bleeds within the master-shredding for the Black Witchery's cover Unholy Vengeance of War or Holocaust Winds of Blasphemy would be yours possession to accept evil ...

Angel Slaughter ep: