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In Murmur (Prophecy Productions 2018)

Wildest wider reaching spoken themes about nostalgia and longing prophecy over the life itself preciously, turn out to be a sickening mental illness and mind-bending tempos confusing to those ever heard about this experiments sounds before but Swedish Post-Hardcore unit of constellation musician – Tengil might becoming your new directions as the performance from Sakarias on vocals/noise, Pontus on guitars/noise, Kalle the bass/noise and Tobias on drums/visuals reacts the despite on young ages onto thus greater aims of productions and these euphoric whispering, blurry taste of raw distortions in Alternative Post-Rock atmospheric is their best results by far and the hugging/cuddling of females couple also reacting some questions to the certain answers inside your pathetic men-ego brains once you seeing this.

Shouldhavebeens really turn out to be a good slew kinds of recording modern for the futuristic impulsion of music fans to grown up and became wiser as hose blistering market of non-commercial noises crashing in front of you slamming over And The Best Was Yet to Come, A Lifetime of White Noise, All For Your Myth and It’s All For Springtime; surprisingly – worth a listen as artistic as those scattered recordings on the floor underneath the lover’s warmth bodies.