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Illusion Goddess (Proper Octopus 2017)

   A cinematic low-voice seminal Goth-Pop but actual as Alternative Pop artists/singer/song-writer of the Dublin-born female intuitive person is this Candice Gordon as like she’s seeking revenge through-out the performance of the softer but non-commercial tunes available inside the recording number three from the woman with charcoal hair herself catalogs by Folkish to Indie glooms called it by the title of Garden Of Beasts – foremost, anticipating the truth reveals and the men’s world forging many individuals from the different gender to be mock, scam, tortures and even slowly murdered by their characters within some explanation about it deeply blending for these thirteen tracks on the lists and Post-Punk or Synth-Wave touches celebrates the incoming words of wisdom on story-telling by the once heart-breaking but now cured by self-esteem of the bravest like Candice Gordon. From The Laws of Nature, Nobody, Smoke in The Air onto Hive Mind (Automaton), A Herd, The Kill as well as In Golden Dreams – predictably moves on the steps for every women to go forward and reaching their loving wishes, hopes and prayers to make their world a better place while the days that’s being numbered already send some cleverness as the avenging spirits asking for the payback of their memory loss and time wasting caused by getting too commitment to men.

Garden Of Beasts: