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Ich Glaube (Raging Rat Records 2007)

   To now and then, perhaps – the legitimate identity off the group of Goth-Rock glamour with thick guitar riffs taken from the type of Industrial Metal of the early ages scenery and being called Beloved Dead may only be heard through the further information but eventually, you might not needing thus much around the eerie entertaining record released by the primary artists off Tampa, Florida to Morgantown, PA split session as the fifty-six minutes plus fourteen seconds duration for it unleashing some of the important songs for the cross-firing red sign labeled dark as In Memoriam… Through thus wavy high transformation on New Wave to hard Rock to Industrial Metal to Pop sensibilities attached for the mysterious and rebellious tracks tuning such as Toxicant, Slash My Wrists 4u, The Longest of Nights, Confessional and Anarchy over Black and Blue taking control the most suicidal themes ever surfacing the channel of suitable substance on a mainstream music media like this. 

You, your daughter, your alcoholic mom and many friends whose divorcing cannot really listening to this immediate sweet poisoning danger zone entrapment. 

In Memoriam: