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I Can See You (Fuzz Club Records 2016)

   Mixtures within the loves of UK based Psychedelic and Space Rock quartet musical format – The Cult of Dom Keller which builds around and towards Ryan Delgaudio (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Neil Marsden (vocals, keyboards), Jason Holt (bass, synthesizers, background vocals) and Al Burns (drums, percussion, noises) over their third releasing records solidifying those Psychedelic Rock tunes via Goodbye To The Light really hits your formal attentions over there as one figuring out the performance along the begging of hands sing the Broken Arm of God, Deepest Pit of Emptiness, Exterminating Angels, Nothing Left To Stay For, Waltz of The Morgellons or Shambhala on Fire means relatively business like the first time you describing Velvet Underground and glamour of underground fashion in such a similar ways staging.

Catch thus Ravens and Rockets through the Astrum Argenteum tunnel-like Hole in The Whole project of British-taste on Goth-Rock retro feeding.

Goodbye To The Light: