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Hyper-Fuzz-Fame (Softdrive/New West 2008)

   Face looking like a younger version of a tougher Clint Eastwood and his personality crisis life story around the career rocking with STP may not closing how talented singer Scott Weiland would really become. Born Scott Richard Kline of Bloomington wasn’t really describing him to be clean at all as drug addictions and vocal styles with some Grammy awards winning sessions might stop himself after the plagued heroin abuse and several arrests until his dead noticed in December 2015 on a tour bus.
   This legacy of his solo album recording might reminding you about Scott Weiland bright talents for being one of the best Rock singers around; “Happy” In Galoshes marking the entire chosen materials for him to confronts the world and problems like a better man which spawning good tracks to hear like Tangle with Your hand, Paralysis, Killing Me Softly, Blind Confusion, Blister on My Soul, Big Black Monster, The man I Didn’t Know to Pictures & Computers (I’m Not Superman) clearly, shows the good side and the depressive others surrounding this lead figure counting down his ways for staying to get cleaner or leaving without saying too much goodbye to the fans. 

You shall be missed dearly, man !