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Humongous The Island (Razorback Records 2006)

   Might splitting heads and torturing your family with consequence to oneself ready to ignores all the causing effects of playing this boosts of grinding Thrash Metal and Grindcore fusion music of the horrific underground while the sun out there is truly fucking hot shining as no thanks further for the Portland – Oregon crew with Neil Jones, Kevin Schreutelkamp to Noah Campbell and Ryan Sorensen telling the world about them as Frightmare enough to scares the regions and the second album entitled – Bringing Back The Bloodshed is purely, devastating both artworks cover and the destructive recording tracks which praising the force of Death Metal to the highest level of slaying female tourists during the peak season of holiday in your area.

   Bleeding and chopped with cut wounds to the title songs themed from Barbecutioner (Donny Don’t Dance!), By Sword By Pick by Axe Bye Bye as well as thus painful screaming for helps which never shown through Terry Hawkins Arise, Angela and Friday The 13th Part 2 or The Blood Runs in Rivers tells the listeners all about the fascinating killer based on their psychotic minds threatening the victims as a treat but never for cheap-tricks. 

Remember Leatherface ?

Bringing Back The Bloodshed: