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Hom-Sha-Bom Fatz (Psychopathic Records 2003)

   No more House of Krazees cause the horror crew finally collapsing to spawn another more sinister entity as original and not fake to be called the protégés of I.C.P as the same background of Detroit in R.O.C named Jamie Madrox and Monoxide duet drawing their faces like a lunatic clown and serial killer pedophiliac but ain’t that low by actual since the releasing of the group’s first debut.

   As the third recording catalogs off The Green Book blends your favorite majik beating sounds from Alternative Hip-Hop to horror-core as well as Alternative Rap and Rock to Gangsta Hardcore right at ya coming by blow harder over Twiztid craving fierce and fearless on becoming different unit to jerking on money, pranks you on and on as well as kidnapping your pussy daughter and sister after drugging the entire brotherhood with dirty, filthy, negativity and those lower theme of magic dark tricky hailing evil and stuff such as fuck which they don’t give any as shit flows via the record. 

   Parts of wisdom of the unknown and the rest is reality which tells us about White Trash wit Tat-2’s, Wondering Why?, Speculationz, I’m The Only 1, Nikateen, The World is Hell, U Don’t Wanna Be Like Me, Marsh Lagoon, Hydro to Frankenstein to Bobby’s Dad spreading to the inferior realms of conservatives – all that they’re hating the most on how the whitey genre turning up to no good wreckage and effects influencing by the fucking black-music against the establishment of the supremacy being dig daily over and over again in gang-bang by his type of rebel darker music ! 

The Green Book: