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Holiday From Real (Maverick 2005)

   Orange County – California rock band formed by the indicated to be talented genius Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate) with soft emotional melodic advantage spending thus scribbling lyrics and beaches lives during the summer as it is little bit drawn onto the sketchbook diary outside and inside his heart as being enhanced to most listeners with private but intimate meaningful dissolution as directed to the relationship and hometown pursued issues along the way carried by Jack’s Mannequin songs in wiser themes connecting people and places by the music.

   With Mr. McMahon playing most of the piano, guitars, organ, bells, harmonica, keyboards and percussion to lead vocals; Robert Anderson on guitar/back-up vocals, CJ Eiriksson (programming, drums), Brian Coffman on guitars, Jay McMillan and Tommy Lee on drums to Patrick Warren (chamberlin, moog, melodic, samples, accordion and horn/strings, sitar player Terry Wilson and Josh Berry – piano/kazoo delighted to presents this ensemble of Pop-Rock and Folkish-Emo preventing people from getting depressive and enjoying life better with the extra adventure and experiences shared here for the debut album entitled Everything In Transit leads you onto the extensive travels for minds and souls as Bruised, I’m Ready, La La Lie, Miss Delaney, Rescued and MFEO: Part 1 – Made For Each Other sparks some kind of good feelings to your inner sore by listening. 

Everything In Transit: