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Hokikomori Maid (Relapse Records 2018)

   Washington D.C and Baltimore MD’s soaked murky blended for Crust Sludge and Death Metal allure over the formations of Brendan Griffiths, Domenic Romeo, Garrett Underwood and Joshy Brettell to Orion Peter and Sharad Satsangi or Tim Moyer predictably, released their emotional riff-age angst and further hatred themes written by self-conscious focusing on Stoner Doom Metal to Sludge metallic and gritty soloist as dark, painful and enough misery within stays commonly – as the torturing figure behind the spikes of metal-coven of eternal gorging malevolent men-trap with the draining terror powerful shreds and blasting slower heavy amount of depravity devil worshiping via the tracks of Ruckenfigur, Cosmos Antinomos, Long Lost Friend, Polly Vaughn, Drums of Dark Gods and Nitrogen Narcosis as dangerous as possible to your concerning safety by listening threat over these songs.

Being forged completely by Ilsa miscreants rapid dying orb spells.

Corpse Fortress: