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Heavy Metal Weekend (Diorama Records 2006)

   Lynyrd Skynyrd by the taste of Boston – Massachusetts  for the guitar music sound-adrenaline americana and country touches via the Alternative Rock good vibes that relentlessly, won’t be spoiling your entire weekend only by listening to it a little but whole package of The Dirty Truckers shall pushing yourself doing the air-guitar heroic acts when cleaning up the house or fixing something in a garage or even bubbling up on car washing with your babe not like thus crazy ideas for having a dark-haired woman holding a ferocious baboon getting ready to attack.

Ten no joking results of rocking fire tracks and best cuts melodies for Washed and Ready album of the band’s debut featuring Tom Baker on guitar/vocals, Dave Foy on drums, Jamie Griffith on bass onto Tad Overbaugh on guitar, vocals trying to do their best doing the overlapping on Indie Rock and Power-Pop splendid simplicity here through Without a Sound, Off The Hook, Water Me Down, Help You Ann (song writing by Jeff Conolly) and wiser for course, non-jerky themes about Not Missing a Thing or Star in my Dreams finally – giving a good picture show to the listeners. 

Washed and Ready: