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Heaven Hungry (Earache Records 2009)

   The vocalist/bassist Jason Decay might reminding you a bit more or little to how Ozzy used to sounded alike once but rather than being another Sabbath’s copycat band; his troops consisting for Ian Chains (guitars) and Myles Deck on drums did their own facts of Thrash Metal grinds and barks as smart as the comparison to Megadeth or Vicious Rumours works with the listed themes written about alcohols, life and Heavy Metal as the Toronto, Canada crew named Cauldron releasing their most powerful force via the first full-studio recording off Chained To The Nite.

   As the sexy beautiful girl-babe being tied forever surrounded by the eternal ashes smoking to be offered to the higher one of non-merciful evil seeds as horrors might gripping most of the band’s tracks within thus high techniques and forge harmonies on hard melodies to mighty riffs as your eyes cannot getting away from the nude figure of female in front cover and your compassionate love and kindness sooner turning to lust for doing bad things to the woman after you releasing her – if one can. Nothing sacred towards good thoughts and civilized humanity as Conjure The Mass, The Leaven/Fermenting Enchantress onto Bound to The Stake or Witch Trial flawlessly did manage to fails every attempts to find the reasonable truth in Heavy Metal without being evil too !

Chained To The Nite: