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Heart B 4 Head (Bandcamp 2018)

   Feel how the opener song Young & Brave re-assembling the gladness relationship over man and woman as like the chemistry between the duo artists whom singing and performs like they’re having a very great sex of their lives here as intrinsic for not enough words going to tell about Scott and Kim Collins fascinating talents, soaring screams that easily leading the listeners to be aroused by the superb power of women attractions or the attentive pieces on sensuality pierce between marriage and artistic and being tenure for the secondary wilder touches via this true musical recording as if you are on the same room with the couple as they’re making love and made music through the next track on Rip it Off as follows by Here 4 You Now, to Woodland Ave. as well as Outlive Me and Street Fight that seems to combined thus Country/Americana to Indie Folk of Nashville styles within this album from The Smoking Flowers upon Let’s Die Together which might delivers a suicidal notes but exactly, a must be applaud promising for loyalty and forever live and die vows for lovers and the accordion girl player drowning in both loving liquids and soft beautiful sex and thus rougher nights with no fatal cheat codes taking places to your romance living. 

Let's Die Together: