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Harvest Of Grace (769299 Records DK 2018)

   Haunting terror sounds introductions feeding the Djent wrath next as your unpredicted female red-hair six-strings shredder Charlotte with her friends on the unit of Brutal Metalcore as vocalist Omar, guitarist Jolan, Anhtony on drums and Thibault the bass basher born onto this angst out of Paris undetected underground scene with high techniques and gore grinding blasts as their influences that makes them Child Of Waste would be open wider off names like Black Tongue onto Thy Art Is Murder or Aversions Crown onto Chelsea Grin – spawning the mini record on this self-titled EP album and giveth you the extra explosive Death-Core sounds due to Sculptures or Jason and The Argonauts short intro as the menacing package over this unknown name of minority level into scare-points and dark-nights obliteration kinds of Extreme Metal music you shall never understand.

Child Of Waste: