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Hannah Hoch Visits (Self-Released 2013)

Born Dwayne Thomas Jr. but the news viral would calling him by other name – MonoNeon as the freaky-nut guitar player might making your eyebrows went confusing up after the time that showing how odd and abnormal the way he rapes the musical instruments around the basement or sound labs independently like out of this world further more filling the legacy of the unborn child from Primus meets Extra-terrestrial intelligence. Out of Memphis, Tennessee and not about being monotone for anyone anymore, this is the last chance not alike you ever heard before for fusion sounds. 
The recording of Southern Visionary also features musicians like jake Sherman, Michael Vick, Melle Weijters to Zach Curley as the concepts truly rooted still on the heritage local sites and compositions as inspired from indeterminacy stuff like the hanging of Grandam Liz or Johnny Cage in The Ghetto bluesy like arrangements. 
This guy is so crazy naugty written his tracks in such a strange formation  where he did all the things with strings by himself and proclaiming a mulatto senses via Eddie Kang (with AM Radio noise), the few parts around Micro-Neon ‘Em, Micro-Neon Walk to Micro-Dillettante as well as Elleeot Carter and Nude Descending A back Proch (feat. Jake Sherman) or Der Neon Reiter (feat. Zach Curley) are maybe too weird as being noted and written to the wall of fame under the big question mark sign that only can be answered by the audience and the man himself drinking liquor or hot cheetos. 

Southern Visionary: