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Hangman Motorhead (Self-Released 2016)

  Right from the midst of ninety-eight to the two-thousand eight before the hiatus or disbanded as then, they’re decided to coming back again as the same solid Raging Speedhorn from the ashes of Box and Soulcellar with quickly involves onto a better group out of Corby – UK and the major presence of Darren Smith, Frank Regan, Gareth Smith, Gordon Morison, John Loughin or Tony Loughlin mixed the favorable head-banging sessions over their bitter lyrics and themes possessing through thus Hardcore/Heavy Metal/Southern Doom and Death-Rock/Thrash-core Cross-Over sounds build up later via Lost Ritual and thus blue skinned women worships the ritualistic skulls and skeletons under the mystical rites music matched the repertoire listed songs there like Evil Or Mental, Ten Of Swords, Halfway To Hell, Dogshit Blues and Shit Outta Luck or Unleash The Serpent would be your magnet of choice to hypnotizing the mass audiences while performance from Raging Speedhorn continues to burns the bleeder ears while pointlessly asleep fell. 

Lost Ritual: