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Hanami Sakura (Self-Released 2018)

   Seasons compiling the essential works of matters and ideas written by these South African crew of Pretorian’s groovy Stoner/Doom Metal band called Ruff Majik as borderline poverty, new found acclaims onto the irresistible themes about love, hate, terror and ecstasy through builds up and let downs in turmoil of personal family problems and sudden retrenchment and gaining accomplice stood the teaming group members: Johni Holiday (guitars/vocals), Jimi Glass (bass guitar) and Benni Manchino (drums) written their music and lyrics on magick as genuine and reflected on both mentality or physical states situations for through the years of misfortunes or uncertainty via Gone Down in The Woods Today, Last of The Witches, The Deep Blue, Tar Black Blood and Come All Ye Druids – really closing in the touch to the old beliefs and powerful chants for rock turning points to visionary onto the surroundings or future past reminders to the generations in learn the way of nature.