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Grand Canyon (China Records 1992)

This nineties era recording from one of the gloomiest Goth-Punk scene dealers of all time in the English’s history of rebellious music formed by Brian Duffy, Dave Greenfield, JJ Burnel, Baz Warne with Hugh Cornwall or John Ellis and co. putting their knitting phase of the blending New Wave, Punk Rock and Pub Rock onto some kind of colder behavioral Alternative Rock colder smokes as you might catch a glimpse of black rat in the front cover showing angry face of the night looking fully hatred over the people whom stay awaken in the urban towns. 

Richard Morris productions and standard tissues on tempos and lyrics perspective upon rubbish living on us all jilted to this (The) Stranglers' In The Night album within Time to Die as well as the ballad on Heaven or Hell, Laughing At The Rain, Southern Mountains, Brainbox, Sugar Bullets and Gain Entry to Your Soul feels like even Lucifer or Jack The Ripper would love to play this record on their stereo – for better or worst or in the between thus unspeakable moments you mysteriously cannot predicted themes. 

In The Night: