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Gotta Dance Crush You (Harvest 1973)

   British softer-sided flick for Shocker-Rock troops dressing out like either the clown’s bastard sons or an early revival idea of KISS on acid to Rock N’ Roll tuning the public ears as a fun threat as well as the seventies stinging sensations as one you might never heard before is Wizzard rock group formed by Roy Wood with Rick Price, Mike Burney, Nick Pentelow, Kieth Smart and Charlie Grima or Bob Brady recording their debut release album on Wizzard Brew that really come tasty like glittering oldie Pub-Rock carrying the magic potion mixing soup on a cauldron clay of blended Glam/Psychedelic and Progressive Rock surprises with them. Your dads or Grandpa might used to liking these rhythmic tunes and still do until the day they’re getting pathetic and aging but the reasons why Rock N’ Roll never rest its case and buried deeper because there’s always be something delighted to hear and dig on the sounds like thus mind-hypnotizing jams over Meet Me At The Jailhouse, Jolly Cup of Tea and Buffalo Station-Get on Down to Memphis really still can kills the ignoring audience just like an ability to Wear a Fast Gun in a Mexican stand-off duel. 

Wizzard Brew: