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Gods Of War (RecordJet 2018)

   Magnificent speeding out Heavy Metal in its majestic solos and powerful riffs with lesser complains as the Bavarian –Germany group called Reaper’s Revenge signing in their efforts onto this second album releasing head-banging sessions over Virtual Impulse with the featured musicians like Dominique Hoffmann (bass), Stephan Hauer (drums), Christopher Knauer and Hermann Weiss on guitars to the lead vocalist Christian Bosl being sounded solid to their works and performance through these ten tracks listing like Bringer of Light, Just A Second, Two of Me, What I’ve Done as well as Brainwashed or Storms of Damnation giving thus puchy drumming, worthy melodic solos and energizing riff-age charging shockers that you would love to hear them over again. 

Whether the Thrash Metal modern meets Hard Rock meets Speed Metal heaviness didn’t quite tearing your world up – this presentation should be enough to tearing your shirts off and wall-posters too !

Virtual Impulse: