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Glory Fallen Night (Independent 2017)

   Do not accepting that it’s actually, only one man project solo but may sounded as a solid band hard driving from Martins Ferry – Ohio as the Power Metal and Heavy Metal fusion music blasts aloud with Andrew D’Cagna doing all the instrumentals and vocals and lyrics and everything else; of course – with the helps from much friendship musicians too on the live stage levels or further recordings like this epic album: Lightning Strikes The Crown comes the package of total great melodic Heavy Metal power rocking sounds and high pitched tones while there’s a bonus sticker but dedicated to the memory of Chris Zenner the engineering and good friend of Andrew means the terrible tales of a succubus with angel wings breaching for the inner kingdom room and struck down the next air of the empire; sucking all the life-forms and make him a stone statue as the the kingdom of men then fell onto darkness descents since and thus saga themes or the last days odes remains performing through The Gorgon, Firestorm, What We’ve Sown, Shadow Queen or Marching On limited the thinkable solutions for fighting back the battle to recapture thus territory from the demons. Can you ending this misery with more troops or the good attack plans ?

Lightning Strikes The Crown: