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Gilded In Gold (Iommium Records 2017)

   Anti-conservative bastards and thus old Christian plague acknowledgment and rules trying to offends and corrupted the values in this new millennium world of free-thinkers might taken seriously by these Sydney – New South Wales’ Sludge Metal crew Yanomamo as being active and rocking like your parents quickie sexual disruptions releasing their groovy and bluesy and gritty works sound of seminal extremities via Neither Man Nor Beast.

   The trio metal-headers comprising for Paul Attard on bass, Matthew Shriffer for drums and Jason Higson on the six-strings hands up the weapons and ready to kill someone by knocking them skulls out with a shovel or a cub and the traditional naming baptized as them seems not to be believed related to but thus occult symbols and signs carved in front of the album cover means something sacred to closer indicates to the ancient middle-eastern cultures and old pagan faith not questioning but proclaiming the new essential wave on age of aquarius comes nearby to the head-banging tracks alike 10,000 Hooves, Death Whistle Blues, A Bad Time for The Empire and Parasite looking backwards to the curses events and unfortunate planned destruction of the past kingdoms by the invisible hands and it’s not your monotheist god’s works at all but dark magic realm.

Neither Man Nor Beast: