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Gaster’s Theme (Self-Released 2013)

   Through Megalovania, Your Best Nightmare, Battle Against a True Hero and Dogsong; the music fame is on to play as thus Electro attacks experimental tracks taken as the influences from gaming characters or tales background would giving you a taste of Monstertale Complete works right from Nitroglitch’s pocket collection. Instrumental songs written and arranged here must be some good choice to listening to and the crowds would loving it well in a very blasting volume as they’re rocking the rooftops down in minutes as for those motherfucker nerds of video-games loving society might catches their favorites as well through this one particular record filled with thirteen tracks of the list for fighting monstrous beings with beats.
What would you do to having this or avoids that  ? 

Just grab the chance and make those ears loving them to bursts high in Drum N Bass or other mastering Electro purposes beliefs ! 

Monstertale Complete: