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Further Sick I (Epic/Sony Music 2015)

   British Rock that you ever imagined not like you ever know before as these four-piece troops that visiting your stereo system or viral video exchanges by some friends delivers their variant of Electro-Pop, R&B and Dance beats formats brilliantly, commercial to the worldwide audiences as the Bedford, England crew consisting for Matt Donnely, Rob Daniani, Si Delaney and Tom Doyle or Luke Rayner – now as a quartet whom never stop creating good sounds like popular demands just freely exampling towards the second attempts recording for the closed swimming pool session where all the peaceful, sensual and cocktails being served only for the good intentions over Automatic and Don Broco killer Pop blends might hardly for any modern souls to ignore and being seated next to the band singing Superlove, Fire, Let You Get Away onto Keep On Pushing or Tough On You as well as Nerve means exactly, good points for business and career.

Turn on the color lights and grab your babe – start to dance under the summer night’s moonlight !