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Frost And Steel (Transcending Obscurity India 2018)

   Forfeiting the truth that no mortals and immortal can lasted forever must be the topic that used to and always carried on the drag-steps over the Bangalore, Karnataka’s less favorite local Doom Metal unit with their misdirection of writings on witchraft, darkness and alcohols consuming even if they’re too fucking much but didn’t failed to glorifying how the slower damned tunes being extracts here for Djinn and Miskatonic recording their second crushing laden album to the statement – Even Gods Must Die. 
   Cultural and thicker spirits upon Hinduism beliefs taken to be blended there for the six tunes vocalization creepy tuning sounds through Gautham Khandige leading role, Siddharth Manoharan on drums, bassist Jayaprakash Satyamurthy and guitarist Sriram Kvlteswaran taking your imagination to the holy altar where the remains of the used to be the supernatural supreme laid to rest burnt to ashes or just vaporizing in silence there and the topics that might gone unrelated to the closer ties within the resurrection acts in visibility – either you becoming a good entity or rakshasa demons depends on the way you used to life on before to achieved the next world living better. Meet Bones of My Brothers, Doombringer, Harvest of Kings or Hangman’s Hope intricate the mentioning truth sooner reveals in heaviness threats. 

Even Gods Must Die: