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Friending Facebook (FIDIM Interactive 2011)

   Could it be the back-story about a stepson of Weird Al Yankovic the nerd-master and Eminem the rap god blasting the tube with their mixed DNA to produced this Gnome Sane ? recording as the ideas comes out off the Nerd-Core or Comedy Rap and Hip-Hop in popular culture gains by the Hardyston – New Jersey acts – Devo Spice.
   A demented themed tales with too much percentages of laughable tunes and flowing lyrics happening to be kinds of favorites beats to work-out crazy via Platform Wars, Half-Assed Rapper, Written on Twitter, Nothin’ But A Geek Thang, I’m Not Your Personal IT Guy as well as The Dumbest Song on Rock Band treating most of our brand new millennium days a shitty stories and I Hate Mondays still proclaiming as the week-day work anthem for the lazy-fucks/weirdy gang-blasters to cursing that particular day without seeing the entire nutty mode-on if you are one of the asylum patients not being released anymore since the late of ninety-eight. 

Gnome Sane: