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Freethinkers Fight (Willowtip 1999)

   The audience would labeling the gifted Extreme Heavy Metal formed of this blackened sludgy Classic Grind-Core fusion music as the venue might be closer to illegal and the doomy surroundings onto the personalized thrown obstacles overcoming the growler vocals of persisting revolver doors policy known from the beginning for the group to celebrating death and despair within the screaming pitched vocals to the deep emboweled treaty for new elements cross-over on Electronics to be blending with Extreme metallic sounds for head-banging is such a interesting creativity to try at the time.
   For the consistency of Jason Andrews, Drew Haritan, Joe Horvath onto John Kubacka or Jonathan Miciolek opens the debut Dracula-glimpse figure on the captured cover or lurking system of madness album called Starving The Vultures as the grinders on Circle Of Dead Children continues to roaming around and destructing much ears on the path exploding the classic Death Metal grinding through Eldorado, Where The Hive Hangs, Tranquilizer, Doom Farmer, Sons of Nameless and Imprint This Stake with Your Name and Return to Water – makes sense to those loving to watch horror movies because all the problems will not going away unless you get rid of them and slamming thru then feels awesome to broke some bones within the double pedals run amok ! 

Starving The Vultures: