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Find You Love (Bandcamp 2018)

   Yet, more weird management turning the generations left behind like an orphan entering the late nineties era by the flower power lies and depends on nobody but themselves and for Rock Music with today’s sparkling feelings of joy and excitement that life still good for the modern era as coded bursting fragments and worried looking sounds must be attached one to another where Jesse Livingstone, Chris McMaster, Michelle Bailey and Andrew Diaz taken with them via the group musical forming from their ideas and purposes as The Far Stairs from Denver, Colorado and planting wilderness themes from haunted outpost in the middle of the remote forest, invisible forgotten islands or glowing heights of rim of the world kinds of harmony jitterbuggy choirs and catchy Jangle-Pop on through Synth-Electro Indie music album of Figure One.

Beautiful, peaceful but smarter to leads someone on the positive sightings of views for looking down more before looking up and compares while listening those following context mission in sweeter formats via Everyone I’ll Never See Again, The Shining Hours, Murmur or Going To Phoenix and Adventure Rockets Ship for Robyn Hitchcock cover to buy and love. 

Figure One: