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Fighting Hell (RidingEasy Records 2018)

   Marcos Garcia on guitars/bass/keyboards/vocals, Reinaldo DeJesus (congas), Victor Axelrod on additional keyboards to Geoff Mann the drummer/bass player/percussion and Richard Panta on congas to JP Maramba (bass) as well as Chico Mann mixing their Heavy Metal attacks with some kinds of African groovy beats and Latin sections that feels like how you might seeing Carlos Santana did a thicker rocking sounds with the upper level metallic parts through Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Rock, Hard Rock and Afrobeat in one album as this second threat package entitled – You Will Know Nothing regaining the medium neaty jams, lots of percussion and eligible Funk-tinged purchasing to the ears of people. 
   Audience would get their ass up and dance as well as the head-banging drinks for the time being follows thus repertoire track-listing there like Summon Fire, Blindness, Taking The Blame, Animal Noises and Floating On Water can be some choices to spend your weekend not in search for the related genes DNA of the albino children but have a good seat for watching how Here Lies Man going further through their complete beats killer grooves and not just because you thought this was a mash-up for Marvin Gaye and Bee Gees musical in Heavy Metal recording at all.

You Will Know Nothing: