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Feminazi Lorek (Tokyo Jupiter Records 2018)

   Raging like you being pushed inside the punchy sand-bag off the box Crust-Punk Hardcore with extreme Black Metal alliance influences from the Bristol, United Kingdom’s unit calling themselves as Svalbard with Liam Phelan, Mark Lilley and front female singer star Serena Cherry as emotionally proud and dynamics as the messages behind or the frontal riffs solos really feels right to the bone for many audiences have been broken-boned completely using them as the shield in mosh-pit circle endless struggles and protesting lyrics which astounding and important to be prospect watched as thus hard hitting beats heat taken from the third releasing – It’s Hard To Have Hope; best promising you the intense courageous and fully catalog backing the eight tracks of explosives known as Revenge Porn, Unpaid Intern, Pro-Life, For The Sake of The Breed and Try Not To Die Until You’re Dead – promising better and much fucking tremendous of Nu-School meets Old School style of Alternative Metal fusion for shorter and longer direction.

It's Hard To Have Hope: