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Feed Own Grave Dig (Relapse Records 2015)

   Reissuing as the grim-reaper watching the explosion of the nuclear reactor failure from an album off these 80’s Thrash-Hardcore Crust and Speed Punk like Motorhead meets Venom on a verge of giant blender on Behind The Realm Of Madness (Reissue) from UK scene of the underground starring Damien Thompson, Frank Healy, Lynda Simpson and Spikey T. Smith opening their debut recording of thrashy growling filth of extreme tempos measurement around the destruction of the masses, death eternal and protesting over thus government policies against social values where the riches getting wealthy fat while the poor dying under the dusty concrete where the Birmingham Cross-Over on crusty fucking loud melodic and thrash-vision combines as this authorized honoring originals plus the propelled lead female vocalist roaring out through Doom Metal, Death/Thrash and Hardcore influenced by Sleep, Obituary or Hooded Menace turning on your violence level meter’s up right away it’s playing on the stereo.
   The six original tracks like Shadow From Mordor, Lifeline, A Violation of Something Sacred and thus demos aroundSight of The Wise, The Captive or Flight of The Nazgul keeps rolling on makes your neck broke easily like the last apocalypse re-opens of the Pandora tonight leads to your planet slower destruction by the live shows as well.