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Fecore Breetaland (Nice To Eat You Records 2014)

   Drumming bastards, gory growlers and those unspeakable gore images being displayed within the extracting brutality over Devour The Fetus crew exploding their home-made metallic bombs via Gore-Grind and Death Metal fusion as these Paris Iie-de-France being an active gruesome band presenting nothing but bloody slaughter killing and decapitated mutilating bodies or the total themes that would make one vomits like this burger demonic products of animated drawing over Cook ‘n Roll as the monotone drumming like a raging monster chef making the most iconic menus off its entire career tonight because the gala just been held and nobody wants to go home yet before the dinner dining served from the kitchen.

Voila ! presenting the new burger with the special dead babies inside it and bleeding ornaments as the finest cheering of a late night snack also can make you and your friends running like hell right after seeing it. 

   Don’t just stay there – keep running faster as the total gory pig-screaming growls and attacking themes to punishing the ordinary people via Uterhoven, Ombilical Spaggheti, Maternal Cheesecake, Caesarean Buffet, Baby Con Carne and more hilarious horrifying drinks like Formol (Fetus Alcohol) onto Tequilamniotic to the less dietry of Period Pussy Poo (with Onion and Carots) or Chimney Babycue – shall stopping some of you from eating much more after listening to this for a week ahead ! 

Cook 'n Roll: