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Fatto Niente Non Ho (Joint Monsters Farm 2008)

   As non-metallic harmless nor harmful beats that didn’t look or sounded like real Heavy Metal like Marco De Pascale did measuring his outfit with those long-haired thrashy fucker shaped and entombed fanatic but the actual passion on a payback revenge involving a knife stabbing prominent momentary of timing as well as thus Horror-Core to be blame for the dark evil possession there on the small alley of Vendetta Privata’s shot of the truth serum of Hip-Hop inflictions toward the works on this Classic terror movies influences of Italy worst jack-rapping figure known as Metal Carter reaping your female partners and lost reporters outside the sin city of ancient rome to the patrolling sexy police women getting kidnapped by the hideous creature with hyper lusty dick that loves to tortures before fucking would be a different story.

   Later days but now it is the intentions and the aggressive tempos to thus local language lyrics flowing like you didn’t but got hard slaps to pay attention to care more through the danger zoning tricky themes and tracks on more than fifteen songs recorded here for the album. Gangsta-Rap, Booty calls beats, Horror-ripping guts and flesh eater onto the dark knight rapist and deliverance of high level evils must be completed comes to your channel stereo as Giorni Di Sofferenza (Days of Suffering), Il Suono Del Male (The Bad Sound), Pagliaccio Di Ghiaccio pt.2 (The Ice Clown part 2), Riflesso (Reflection), Visioni Morbose (Morbid Visions) or Per Quelli Come Te (For People Like You) as well as Ce Lo Sai meaning We Know It; manufacturing the accessible of harsh violence commencing here to addicting your children just like games and annihilation knuckles from the tubes every fuckin’ day. 

Vendetta Privata: