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Fao Musica (Underwater People Records 2011)

   Dream-Pop suburban attributes as background bringer for a lot more explanations and knowledge as the apprentice of Pink Floyd living seeds and Cocteau Twins grand-children served before the guitarist Toshio Masuda whom moving to America liking Hip-Hop commercial and soundtrack while violinist/singer Emilie Friedlander collaborating their intimated close relations and squall of violin to the laser-like synthesizer effects as straight-forward sounds of crashing drums to live swirling guitars creates the disparate elements of soft-pulse popular and traditional for Downbeat; floating onto spaces as female voices or percussions inside Actually (the album) from La Big Vic builds the short tunnel for chocolate of gold to flow and Heyo Silver Morning to Bobka Chocka to Chinese Wedding or LYNY carries orientalism Electronic are licking good for their harmony into the western Alternative Pop dreams.