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Fantasy 6:45 (B & B Records 2004)

   Influenced by the legendary Uriah Heep, Wishbone Ash as well as Deep Purple, Queen and King Crimson is this Skellefta – Sweden’s Hard-Rock and Folk Rock blending group consisting of Anthon Johansson (bass-guitar), Magnus Lindberg (lead vocals), Klas Holmgren (orgel, piano, mellotron, synthesizer), Mikael Israelsson (drum-sets) and Joakim Karlsson (guitars) giving their idealistic mating of themes in self-written Classic Progressive Rock colors via the debut recording which pointing over the worships on the infamous historic occultism figure  and religious idols – Lady Of The Light or the other calls her Mary, Gaia, Lilith and pagan goddess miraculous supernatural female as your intuitions gaining with powers and magical enlightenment as the works over the drum-beats or orchestral fusion to high quality live bands sounded delighted and over-drive but still holds the inner consciousness or artistic between the longest to the shorter duration of songs of this self-titled recording as Black Bonzo reveals their brought of gifts via these ten tracks such as Brave Young Soldier, These are Days of Sorrow, Freedom, Jailbait onto Sirens – more less sins to carried as your burden on the back as the repellent spells of tricks might releasing you from the world’s enslavement and seeking new frontier of vision views … Where The River Meets The Sea.

Black Bonzo: