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Eye Of The 7 Tiger (Self-Released 2008)

   Sprinting towards the eager for commencing the spirit of Heavy Metal extremities for the United Kingdom community or scene really infinite to pushed these real metal-heads musicians like Charlie “The Knife” on guitar, Mark “The Mauler” Hutson on vocals, Pablo “The Snoot” for drums, Ricard Vladimir (aka Apocalypse Al) on guitar, Dave “The Chef” Hutson on guitar and Battle-Damage Davies the bass player combining the powerful explosive bending force to breaking neck and Death/Black Metal alliance and hardcore S&M influences over the reality for Attack Of The Ten Masked Men that the most materials aren’t the original written lyrics or arranging crazy insane music to butchering people but the jokes for covering some chosen of the most loveable chart-buster hits from the mainstream world strapping you in a dignity and pleasure to or not to liking the crew of Ten Masked Men. 
Death Grind and devouring Heavy Metal hooks or riffs can be found easily through the popular songs alike Gangsta’s Paradise formatted in Deathcore or All Rise cheesy dominates the heavy dosage grinding stereo to torn the healthy people apart just like the horny buster hyper-ballad crushing on Careless Whisper fits the broken killing romance of suicide act as the teaming unit watching the invasion of some greenish alien beings going thrashed for listening them play. 
   The crack in the egg or your sanity has been totally, fucked up this time and whether you going to find or buy or didn’t really fucking care about the band operating system to bursting more molten version of metallic cover for Push It To The Limit, Rasputin of ABBA or  La Isla Bonita and the hard working metal-heads making their creativity works fine for destroying more cheesy lame songs you used to dislike to be sounding freaking cool by the rocking effects as Easy Lover like Mark or Dave or the black-leather masked horny rockers behind them.

Attack Of The Ten Masked Men: