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External Fixator (Not On Label 2014)

   Minneapolis – Minnesota releasing its Death Metal roots as progressive as technical Deathcore like you never seen before in fucking life. Paralyzing and erupted a very non-religious extreme sounds of the ultimate underground from the deep rooted formations of Daniel Koppy (drums), Roman Pinter (bass), Alexander Kelly (guitars) and Steven Lane (vocals) dare to letting the death-dealer and soul collectors loose to the points where no matter what you wanted to do out there – there’s no more laws to protect humanity from destroying one another and that time would be perfect for Reaping Asmodeia on releasing the plan for Poison Of The Earth completely. 

Merchandising death-dealers crew in dark suits and nine slicing slashes Metal-Core meets Death Metal explosions through Cacophonous Oath, Indwelling, Malevolent and Damned to Restrictions of The Flesh and Moribund Resurrection are the real biting burner aspects on total annihilation stated over the last war commencing. 

Poison Of The Earth: