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Ergo Cassiopeia (Self-Released 2018)

   Polish team on Progressive Rock and Post Metal communion calling themselves as Cereus is the more modern and ultimate methods not theories while your ears might catching the small explosions of melodic here and there while having a conductive mission for taking time on listening to ten songs available inside the tight tied-up female figure over Dystonia LP project. 
Thus glimpse of the favorable sounds similar to the band’s influenced names of the old and new bands from the same or different genre of types like Marillion to A Perfect Circle and Peter Gabriel to Neurosis made these Warsaw rock-heads taking their own personal issues or primary scientific themes and the creations of genesis-like background within thus distinctive unique vocal colors and high techniques through either Icarus, Cogito, Ocean, Kraken King, Requiem and Sum; senselessly – blistering the hearing rooms of those whom liking to play the band works without too much prejudice. 
   From Michal Dabrowski on vocals, Pawel Sikora on guitar/ambient, bassist Konrad Pawlowski and drummer Maciej Caputa to Patryk Wozniak (guitar, electronic) mixing the real tuning progressions colony by as many elements suits to the merge music that comes out from the album. Believe in the sounds and progress – people !

Dystonia LP: