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Eracism GoodMorning (Bandcamp 2018)

   Unique three-piece playing their display performance over vibraphone, guitars and drums within the style of the best Avant-Garde blending on minimalist Jazz, Electronic and Post-Rock as being added thus heavy emphasis by long term ideas for experimentation is your Cincinnati – Ohio group of Math-Rock Progressive comprising on Kristin Agee, Jeff Mellott and Joel Griggs writing down the sweetness harmony and over-joy feelings in high energy traditional and modern miracles around new kinds of music experience through the nine songs available via the recording of Computant.

   As just like the description before upon the good instrumental persuaded and timing moments for Us, Today (the group) that wearing all blacks and being not too damn perfect by the looks didn’t meant that you cannot making great compositions as the example pick might be pointing on these trio collaborating as well as penetrating the border between sounds and non-human materials through the space and time dimension showing there by listening to Spellcaster (Dr. Spirit), Hello Viewers, Sharin’, Greetings From The Master and Wealthe + Fame + Love  + Luck equals the explosion of thus catchy melodies and tinged harmonic long jams in between heavenly, temple percussions and precision of thus groovy beats in order of an alternative.