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Encore Une Fois (Bandcamp 2016)

   Whether you go out as a duet or being a blurring group with taste for catchy Indie-Pop sounds to tell the world within words that you’re A’la Mode and beautiful nicely fun performing for more interests tales and daily news sang in harmony balance tasty cutes like how these girls from Winnipeg – Manitoba written Pop songs like whimsical electric guitar-based and lots of synths and Electro beats to winnowed the pleasure talents work-out made by either Dominique Lemoine whom sang, playing synths and programming the electronic stuff or Alexis Flower whom playing bass with the guitar performance by Andy Cole, Nicole Froese sang the back-up or Kayla Drudge performing violins as the bilingual heartfelt Pop Indie Canada captures the interest of you slowly, out and blossoming love over Perfection Salad’s listed tracks like Bummer Summer, Dreamy Day in july, Ce Sentiment to Swimming in a Giant Lake – must be an experience of peaceful outdoors you need to have today !

Perfection Salad: