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Empire Gravity (Bandcamp 2018)

   Experimental Metal format performance in a very growler but as well sensual as it gets from these United Kingdom band baptizing themselves under the code name – Mask Of Judas which contemporary related to the treachery traitor of all timing in both old B.C and the rest of anno domini future that causing those past connected still within our sins in progress as the group’s slight stunning extreme power raging and transforming tenure magic combinations shall reliving those who weary about the next steps of Heavy metal in general that already several times being saved by the acts of violent but great figures in female forms and this time that tasks being the responsibility for Jo Challen the female lead singer completed by the rest of the crew: Sam Bell on guitars, George Bell the bass basher and Jof Walsh – the monster behind the sets on the releasing over this semi-pagan of traditional African/tribal front cover shaman woman doing the dark rituals for The mesmerist for the head-banging crusher sounds made from Mask Of Judas quartet.

   The mixture of extreme roots between Death Metal and Progressive Metal really fucking wins here as you being served by the powerful shredding six-strings harmony corruptions and technical abusing about the debut shrieking terror and blast head-bang offerings further more beyond Human, The Conspirator, Alive, Sychopant, Brand New Conquest and Siren and Narcissus as the beauty of the front lady mesmerizing men like the hypnotic spells of the Persian goddess comes down from metallic heaven in roar and clean symphonies. 

The Mesmerists: