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Electric Things (Dirtnap Records 2013)

   Lost the translations onto Inhumanistic meanings where Daniel Fried, Gregory Rutherford, Mark Ryan, Mike Throneberry and Peter Salisbury have reach through this third releasing records which focusing on their Post-Punk tempos, running riffs and melodies as well as smart themes catching the listeners brain to think wider or further more about the issues problematic builds around our modern world commotions and communicates through songs like how The Clash use to did before. Mind Spiders letting themselves not really known pretty well as long as their materials can penetrating more audience as the mission for spreading messages positively would be successfully, gets well achieved. Move yourself from prejudice and materialism with City Stuff, They Lie or Make Make Make Make among thus rhythmic guitars bashes and keyboards leading tunes off Post-Punk Pop. 

This is maybe your chance ...