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El Viento (Not On Label 2011)

Post-Rock creative as Afro Punk shocking and the beats open fires to your stereo system with Psychedelic Stoner experiments happening to grab attentions which brought easily arranged by Lindsey Elias, Keith O’Dell, Shane Thomas, Graham Jacobs and Patrick Pearsall of Empty Space Orchestra throwing their alternative self-titled releasing consisted of nine tracks for listenable purposes to whom loving a lot over Progressive music that rocks. 

Coming like the spectrum explosive lights of colors display onto void place; all these talented musicians didn’t really wanted to show humanity ego by putting live marks but mostly, instrumentals as the Bend, Oregon’s band did long terms of jamming and solos within the strings, the percussion and the keyboards fusion sound which characteristically, unveiling the shades and originality off the adventurous tracks like Intergalactic Battle Cruiser, Exit Strategy, Brainjar and Tiger Puss among other choices here. 

You need to go forward and understanding the cause and effects of being purely, Progressive Rock militants. 

Empty Space Orchestra: