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Edeste Ossify (Prophecy Productions 2018)

   Slow-burning tempos and seminal old classic Rock tunes mixed there kinds of the left bleeding wounds from either gigantic squid or a legendary of Agalloch manage to dealing with another newer crushing and expansive method turns to a band in a whole originality for playing their fast brutal Death Metal to hardcore as well as Doom Metal and Sludge-Core by the progressive basic like their previous band’s work driven distorted or angst screams rising. 
Double pedals, screaming on hate of the world onto dissolution breath-taking swathes panoramic powers via Water Rights, Glacial Gold, Wave State or Augustus sounded apocalyptic in prophecies as the brilliant rockers companies from Portland, Oregon to Oakland - California and New York performing their atmospheric Progressive Post-Metal about modern life, uncertainty, anti-capitalism onto disasters by Jason William Walton or Don Anderson and even Aaron John Gregory abstracting the music they loved to make and the annoying virtue images they've drawn there of Salt - the debut full length recording.